The Coronavirus Pandemic Health Emergency temporarily closed many businesses deemed Non-Essential. Artist Alley Studio was one of those businesses and it was right and proper that we were closed.

Artist Alley Studio will be re-opening May 18, 2020 and we will be taking enhanced measures for the health and safety of you and us.

*ALL WORK BY APPOINTMENT NO EXCEPTIONS: No Walk-Ins Allowed. Appointments will not be available on same day called.
*NO HIGH RISK PEOPLE: If you are over 65 years of age or suffer from the following conditions: underlying medical conditions, including, chronic lung disease, asthma, heart conditions, severe obesity, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, or otherwise immune compromised we ask that you wait until there is a vaccine and you have been vaccinated to make an appointment.
*NO ONE UNDER 18 ALLOWED IN STUDIO NO EXCEPTIONS: Under normal operations we will not Tattoo or Pierce Children under 18 years of age for their health and safety. Now in the current situation children are high risk and we cannot and will not allow them in the studio. Please do not bring your children to the studio
*NO MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE IN STUDIO: We understand that some people need a support system during a procedure so we will allow all clients to bring only one friend or family member into the studio with them during their procedure.
*REQUESTS TO RE-SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS: If you are feeling poorly, have a cough, sneezing or fever, even if it is allergy related, we ask that you reschedule your appointment for 2 weeks past the time that you are feeling better.
*30 MINUTES BETWEEN APPOINTMENTS: This allows for proper cleaning and sanitizing between clients.

  • PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT: Under certain circumstance you may be asked to wait in your vehicle until we are ready to do your Tattoo or Piercing.
    *MASKS MUST BE WORN IN STUDIO: Anyone refusing to wear a mask will not be worked on nor allowed within the studio.
  • NO PROCEDURES THAT REQUIRE REMOVAL OF MASK: Per State of Kansas we cannot do any Tattooing or Piercing within the Mouth, Nose or Cheek Areas until further notice and release by the State.
    *SCREENING AT DOOR: All people entering Artist Alley Studio will have their temperature taken by a non-contact thermometer and will be asked a series of questions to determine if they are high risk.
  • RELEASE QUESTIONNAIRE: All Clients will be asked to fill out an additional form as part of the standard release form confirming lack of symptoms.
    *SOCIAL DISTANCING PRACTICED: Except during a procedure we will keep a 6′ Distance from our clients. Please do not attempt to shake hands or hug. We appreciate the gesture but at this time it is not safe. Just say Thank You.

Hopefully these Enhanced Measures are only temporary. We believe that by taking these measures that we will be able to continue to offer the type of High Quality Tattoo and Piercing Service you have come to expect from Artist Alley Studio in a safe environment.

The State of Kansas has said that we can re-open on May 18, 2020 with the restrictions we have listed above. Therefore you can call (785) 571-9500 to make appointments for after that date. HOWEVER please be advised that all appointments are tentative. All operations can be postponed by the State of Kansas, Shawnee County and the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology for an indefinite period of time if instance of Coronavirus increase.

Please wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, wear masks and practice social distancing. Stay safe and healthy and we will see you soon.

-The GYPSY and Raychel-