Fix-Up Tattoo Art

Tattoo Portfolio featuring Fix-Up Tattoos done by Master Tattoo Artist The GYPSY of Artist Alley Studio Tattoos and Piercings in Topeka, KS during his 45 year career in the Body Art Industry.


Fixing Up a Poorly Rendered Tattoo or Old Tattoo is never an easy job. It requires a Mastery Skill and vision to see beyond what is already within the skin. Often times a tattoo cannot be fixed up and must be covered with a new design. Yet when a Tattoo can be fixed up back into what the client originally desired their tattoo to be then it becomes the part of tattooing that goes beyond the art and into the realm of personal assistance.

To View A Massive Fix-Up Tattoo By The GYPSY Click Here!

To View Cover-Up Tattoos By The GYPSY Please Click Here!

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