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One of the oldest forms of Body Modification Modern Body Piercing has it’s roots in Primitive Cultures where this type of art form was used for Spiritual and Medicinal purposes.
The GYPSY is the most experienced Body Artist in Kansas and is licensed and trained in advanced piercing procedures. His mission is to educate on proper piercing procedures, placement and jewelry as well as to insure that each of his clients receives the friendliest, safest and most sanitary piercing possible in a secure environment.
The GYPSY makes it a point to thoroughly inform each client of the risks and benefits of each procedure he performs. He also explains, placement, type of jewelry used and why as well as what the client can expect from the piercing. Each client is given verbal and written instructions at the end of a procedure and is always invited to contact the studio at anytime with any questions or concerns.
There are some piercings he will not do; this is for the safety and welfare of the potential client. Please do not hesitate to ask what procedures he has restricted, he is more than happy to explain to you why.
The GYPSY strongly believes that by giving full disclosure to each client that it creates for that client a deeper appreciation of their modification and helps them to obtain the knowledge needed to properly care for their piercing.
The GYPSY stands behind each and every piercing he does. If a client is not happy with or has a problem with the piercing The GYPSY will gladly remove the piercing and refund the clients money (minus $10 cost of jewelry as the jewelry cannot be reused and must be destroyed). In short; Your satisfaction is guaranteed with all of our piercing procedures or your money back.

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