Massive Eagle Fix-Up Tattoo

The Client purchased tattoo equipment online and decided to Tattoo himself. His reasoning was that since he was a sculpture who welded together scrap metal to make art he could tattoo himself.
This Fix-Up Tattoo By: The GYPSY took 20 Sessions to complete. Total time was 43 Hours. The Fix-Up cost the client $4,515.00. plus the cost of the Tattoo kit he purchased online. 
If he had come to The GYPSY’s studio and gotten original art then his cost would have been approximately $2,940.00 for only 28 hours of work.
The client cost himself more pain and more money by trying to do it himself. This is a prime example of a Cheap Tattoo Ain’t Good and a Good Tattoo Ain’t Cheap.
Always seek out the services of a skilled, qualified, experienced, licensed professional for all your Body Art needs.


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